The Simon Campbell Incident with Jamie from This Human Condition

Jamie Jamal plays in an electronic duo known as This Human Condition. Their most recent single ‘God Kills Another Kitten’ came out in March and they have recently released some remixes of their song ‘Telepathic Heights’ which is available on all good streaming services. He has also just started a new project called FLUX who […]

5 Songs, June episode 4

This weeks 5 songs featuring, Releases including,new retro-futuristic music for the modern world,Nova Scene. stripped back, melodic, experential self penned music from,Platform 1. and additional tracks from, Electonic duo with a Handbag punk soundThis Human Condition. Pop punk quintet,Hightail. Four-piece British rock band bringing heavy rock music back to young people, Mallavora.

5 songs, June episode 3

This weeks 5 songs featuring; releases including, Cataclysmic Riffs from,Phoxjaw. The demolition of the wall between electronic and rock music,Poisonous Birds. and additional tracks from, Folk/Soul Singer-Songwriter,Ji and the Rainbirds. Rock n’ Roll Band,Pretty Criminals. Singer-SongwriterHeybus.

5 songs, June episode 2

This weeks episode of 5 songs featuring, Releases from, Drone-doom, amplifier worshippers,Warrior Pope. The in house band for ‘The Song Diner’,Mother Funters. Electronic Duo,Pheonix-Flare. And additional tracks from, Folk band,Dandlemänn. Hard rock/punk from,Oversoul.

5 Songs, June Episode 1

This weeks episode of 5 songs, featuring: Releases including; Hardcore Punk fromSick Ones.Hip Hop from Stuart Morrell.Folk and progressive rock fromEddie Mole.and Rock Pop Electronic RaversCosmic Ninja. An Additional song from Electro-live Bhangra Dance Fusion duoDance Guru.

5 songs, may episode 3

This weeks 5 songs featuring, Releases from, Bristol Synth Group,Poisonous birds. Off kilter-cerebral Rock Group,Mutant-Thoughts. Indie Rock Band,Twin Strangers.And additional tracks from, The apocalyptic lounge act,Erotic secrests of pompeii. Bristol duo with a jig in their step,Try Me.