5 Songs, June episode 4

This weeks 5 songs featuring, Releases including,new retro-futuristic music for the modern world,Nova Scene. stripped back, melodic, experential self penned music from,Platform 1. and additional tracks from, Electonic duo with a Handbag punk soundThis Human Condition. Pop punk quintet,Hightail. Four-piece British rock band bringing heavy rock music back to young people, Mallavora.

5 songs, June episode 3

This weeks 5 songs featuring; releases including, Cataclysmic Riffs from,Phoxjaw. The demolition of the wall between electronic and rock music,Poisonous Birds. and additional tracks from, Folk/Soul Singer-Songwriter,Ji and the Rainbirds. Rock n’ Roll Band,Pretty Criminals. Singer-SongwriterHeybus.

5 songs, June episode 2

This weeks episode of 5 songs featuring, Releases from, Drone-doom, amplifier worshippers,Warrior Pope. The in house band for ‘The Song Diner’,Mother Funters. Electronic Duo,Pheonix-Flare. And additional tracks from, Folk band,Dandlemänn. Hard rock/punk from,Oversoul.

5 Songs, June Episode 1

This weeks episode of 5 songs, featuring: Releases including; Hardcore Punk fromSick Ones.Hip Hop from Stuart Morrell.Folk and progressive rock fromEddie Mole.and Rock Pop Electronic RaversCosmic Ninja. An Additional song from Electro-live Bhangra Dance Fusion duoDance Guru.

The Simon Campbell Incident With Jonny from Concrete Disco and Jonny Falls Over

Jonny is a fantastic musician who plays in The Electronic live band Concrete Disco and also has his own solo project named Jonny Falls Over.