Mr. Tea & The Minions ~ 30/11/19 @ The Old Market Assembly

Tonight, I’m sampling the raucous ska-folk six-piece, Mr. Tea & The Minions. They’ve been conjuring up undeniably fun Balkan & dub-tinged folk since 2013, and for the past three years they’ve been working their magic on the UK festival scene, nearing 100 appearances. This evening’s performance marks the end of a tour celebrating the release [...]

Belishas ~ 23/11/19 @ The Mother’s Ruin

For the alt. rock outfit known as the Belishas, the past four years have culminated in a surge of new music & live dates across Bristol. Situated somewhere between the heights of mid-90s brit-pop & Bristol’s current punk-influenced indie scene, they have emerged at the end of this year with two new singles & a [...]

Mutant-Thoughts ~ 21/11/19 @ The Mother’s Ruin

As 2019 comes to a close, Mutant Thoughts are ending the year on a high note. From their beginnings as an experimental electronic trio four years ago, they’ve implemented an increasing number of psych- and prog-rock elements into their recipe. Now a fully-fledged outfit with a tight live setup & a reality-bending sound, Mutant-Thoughts are [...]

2 weeks in

Bristol made music has now had its podcast running for two weeks.Its early days and we expect to be smoothing things out as we get our rhytym.If you are a bristol based musician please feel free to contact us, or send other musicians our way, to get your tracks on the podcast and have your [...]