Men Friends ~ 04/01/20 @ The Crofters Rights

Men Friends are men that are friends – at least, that’s how the British-Canadian Bristol duo like to describe themselves. Formed in 2018, Kamil Henri and Ree McGee fuse hip-hop rhythms, hypnagogic chops & samples, and commanding vocals twisting through the grit & ennui of the city centre. Our venue for tonight, Crofters, offers a […]

Mr. Tea & The Minions ~ 30/11/19 @ The Old Market Assembly

Tonight, I’m sampling the raucous ska-folk six-piece, Mr. Tea & The Minions. They’ve been conjuring up undeniably fun Balkan & dub-tinged folk since 2013, and for the past three years they’ve been working their magic on the UK festival scene, nearing 100 appearances. This evening’s performance marks the end of a tour celebrating the release […]

Belishas ~ 23/11/19 @ The Mother’s Ruin

For the alt. rock outfit known as the Belishas, the past four years have culminated in a surge of new music & live dates across Bristol. Situated somewhere between the heights of mid-90s brit-pop & Bristol’s current punk-influenced indie scene, they have emerged at the end of this year with two new singles & a […]

Mutant-Thoughts ~ 21/11/19 @ The Mother’s Ruin

As 2019 comes to a close, Mutant Thoughts are ending the year on a high note. From their beginnings as an experimental electronic trio four years ago, they’ve implemented an increasing number of psych- and prog-rock elements into their recipe. Now a fully-fledged outfit with a tight live setup & a reality-bending sound, Mutant-Thoughts are […]